PolVita probiotics make a difference

How ESSI Agate uses PolVita as a multifunctional cleaner

Are you looking for a versatile cleaning product that eliminates bad odors and restores the splendor of your floors and bathrooms? Marc Michel, Company Manager of ESSI Agate, shares his experience with PolVita Floor and Restroom.

Janitor woman cleaning urinals in public men's toilet

New challenges

In Mundolsheim, a city in the Strasbourg region, Marc Michel works as the manager of ESSI Agate, a cleaning company that specializes in cleaning professional, industrial and public premises, such as stairwells, garbage rooms and bathrooms. Marc Michel has been active in the cleaning sector for more than 15 years.

Over the years, he has noticed that clients are faced with increasingly different expectations and new challenges. Marc explains: “People’s psychology has changed. I find that it’s mainly changes in terms of hygiene. It has to smell good and the PolVita products have a nice minty scent.”

Biotechnology as the solution

The incorrect use of cleaning products or an overdose of them often leads to creating a biofilm on the floor. Dirt also collects in hard-to-clean areas, such as corners. Marc was looking for a different and innovative technique and came up with the PolVita line.

He chose the line for its probiotics and he also wanted a different final result after cleaning the floors. The biofilm and the fatty molecules, in particular, were a big problem. According to Marc, the enzymes and bacteria in PolVita cause a different reaction, so that the floor in the garbage room is cleaned thoroughly. Marc tells us: “With PolVita Floor, it is possible to solve these problems.”

For me, it is important to use innovative products. That’s why I chose PolVita.


The importance of anecological product

Marc Michel attaches great importance to the ecological aspect. Ecology is becoming more and more of a priority for customers.

That is what led him to look for environmentally friendly products that have an ecological certification, like the Ecologo on the PolVita line. Marc likes to use products that are less aggressive without compromising their effectiveness

I’m happy with the PolVita products. They are good for the environment and for the user.

Confidence in the PolVita bacteria

Marc uses PolVita Restroom to clean the bathrooms. For example, urinal floors and grids are very dirty, since part of the grate is always submerged and therefore creates a nest for bad bacteria. According to Marc, there is “competition” between the good bacteria in PolVita Restroom and the bad bacteria in the urinal.

“Thanks to PolVita Restroom, the grid is no longer covered with a biofilm but with natural microflora.” Marc also applies PolVita Restroom to other areas, like sinks and the bottom of shower trays. According to him, “the product is effective, eliminates bad odors and prevents the creation of a biofilm.”.  He uses PolVita products in “strategic areas, where bacteria will do their work.” Marc is so happy with the product that he even uses it at home

You have to trust the bacteria to get better results.

About ESSI Agate

ESSI Agate is located in Mundolsheim, a city in the region of Strasbourg (France), it is a cleaning company that specializes in cleaning professional, industrial and public premises and it is part of the ESSI Group.

Would you like to know more about ESSI Agate ? Call: +33 (0)6 63 57 43 81 or send an email to m.michel@essi-net.com